Welcome to Schwäbisch Gmünd

Dear guest,

You are new at the University of Education and are overwhelmed by the overload of new information?

To make this process easier, we compiled the most important information together.

If you are unsure of what to do, you can reach out to the IT department or take a look at their website for help.

The information for IT-services is found here: Service Catalog

Let's proceed to the more important things...


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Your MIZ


PH Account

Your PH Account is the entrance key to all important services.

Unfortunately, the registration varies. The registration consists of your cryptic username (e.g. xyz003) and sometimes under specification of your domain (@sg-nad.de or sg-nad\).

Here are the most important types of registrations:



Registrations in pools at Computers


Moodle (learning platform)




LSF lecture scheduling


LSF examination scheduling






You will get your account on the first day of classes. Please change your password in a timely matter, but please be aware that you are only able to change the password on campus.

Registration is found under the designation: myid.ph-gmuend.de

You can change your password under myID/PH „Change Password“. Your new password must contain between 8 to 15 letters, one upper and lower case, numbers and additional characters. The permitted signs are listed there. Additionally, you are not allowed to use vowels such as Ä, ä, Ö, ö, Ü, ü, ß and pieces of your first and middle name.

If you forgot your password you have to contact the Service Desk and they will change it for you.

We are not allowed to change passwords through calls or e-mails.



Lecturer and administrations: Lecturers and the administrative staff receive an e-mail account on the Exchange Server.

The connection to this mail server is automatically equipped through registration on the computer.

The only thing you have to do is to start “Outlook”. The mail address is constructed in the following way: max.mustermann@ph-gmuend.de. You will get more information about this service under “Mail Staff”.

MIZ is only taking care of Outlook as mail client.


Backup of your data

Each user is responsible for their own data backup. You have to assume that in case of a disturbance case or reparation case all of your data can get lost. Of course the systems engineering try everything they can to make sure that no data gets lost. But if they don´t succeed you have to autorecovery your data. The CD- and DVD writer enable the storage of a huge amount of data. We recommend one or two external hard drives for notebook-user.


Learning platforms

The PH learning platform is called Moodle. The platform can be found at moodle.ph-gmuend.de.

For a huge amount of data you can use the K-drive. It can be also used as an easy filing. The K-drive automatically shows up in all pools at the PH, but you are also able to use it on your private computer at home.


Printing etc.

There are many multifunctional devices all around campus that can be used for printing, copying and scanning.

You are able to pay for those services through user related printing accounts. Your account will be charged quarterly.

If you need a local printer, it can be leased through MIZ.



Wi-Fi is available in mostly all public rooms. „Studierende“ is the best suited one for students und guests.

In all other universities, in Germany and worldwide, Eduroam is used Therefore you use the same Login-data as you use for the Eduroam at the PH. Preferably, you should test it at the PH before you go to a different university and inform yourself about eventual specialties at the other university.

More networks are in progress.


Important network devices

You can use the “free” drives A to H for your personal devices or for mapping. The “reserved” devices I to Z can only be used after a consultation with the MIZ. If you have already occupied devices from I to Z, they have to be transferred to a “free” device after a rearrangement.

Department Device S: Each department has an exclusive area for their data-filling. It can be used both per Virtual Private Network (VPN) and at home. The head of the department determines who gets access to the device. The device cannot be used for filling of large amounts of data such as videos. Each department should limit their data to 100 GB.

Central device i: This device can be used for the storage of central documents. You can change into the different files for each department, if you possess the appropriate rights. The files of a department correlate with the department-devices.

K-Device: This device can be used to store data for students or other members of the university of education. At the moment, everyone has the access to read all indexes in your department-file, but later they will only get access to the file “Public”. Only students (reading) and lecturer (writing) of the department get access to the files “intern”. Every lecturer and student gets access to the file “exchange” to exchange data.

Personal device Z: Everyone owns a personal device with delimited memory. It should be used to save data, but should not be seen as a backup drive.

J-Device: This device can be used to exchange data with every member of the PH (also students). Please be aware that it is used by EVERYONE and gets deleted regularly by the MIZ.


Data Management Training:

Where can I store my data wisely at the PH? What is going to be saved at all and what do I have to save? Is my backup sufficiently? How do I save my “private” data correctly? How can I exchange data with my colleagues outside of the PH without permanent mail-exchange? Those questions will be answered within the Data Management Training.


Training-Week of MIZ:

MIZ is offering a “Training-Week MIZ" the week before the introduction week, where you preserve trainings concerning the topics “Digital Working” and “Digital Learning”. You can participate at each training separately. In addition there will be an “Introduction into the Lecture Auditorium Techniques” at the beginning of the semester.


BW-Sync and Share

BwSync&Share is available for every student or employee of all universities in Baden-Württemberg. It can be used to sync data and to safe the information at the Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT) between different users, desktop users, desktop computers or mobile end devices.

The data access occurs through web browser or with the Sync&Share client. This service can be reach through following address: https://bwsyncandshare.kit.edu.


Important links at the PH

Who? How? What?



Change your password in the PH network:

myid.ph-gmuend.de (ONLY POSSIBLE ON CAMPUS)


Access to your e-mails through the internet

https://webmail.stud.ph-gmuend.de for students

https://webmail.ph-gmuend.de for staff 



Information at miz.ph-gmuend.de


Homepage of the PH Schwäbisch Gmünd



Library at PH Schwäbisch Gmünd:



MIZ PH Schwäbisch Gmünd



LSF PH Schwäbisch Gmünd



Moodle PH Schwäbisch Gmünd